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Real Talk with Rachael Podcast

Oct 2, 2019

We got real about friendship with these week's guest, Kelly Needham.

Kelly Needham is an author, speaker, and blogger and hopes to convince as many people as possible that nothing compares to knowing Jesus.

Here are some things we covered in this episode:

  • Why Kelly wrote Friendish.
  • The one message Kelly would want readers to take away from the book.
  • In a world where women are busier than ever, what it looks like to be a good friend.
  • The most common counterfeits masquerading as good friendship.
  • What foundational truths readers/listeners need to know in order to have healthy relationships.
  • What communication skills have been the most life-changing in moving towards real friendship.
  • The importance of carefrontation in friendship.

Kelly's publishers are giving away TWO copies of Friendish! One for you...and one for a friend! To enter, text the phrase REALTALK to 44222.

Connect with Kelly on her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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